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I am Free

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As a child my belief in God was shaped by fear. Not a fear of reverence as mentioned in the bible. It wasn’t until I broke free from that place that I begin to understand and experience God in a different light. But as you and I both know when we don’t confront issues head on, they never disappear. I remember the day I surrendered and gave my life to Christ. I remember the outfit, walking down the church aisle and whispering in the minister’s ear, that I was ready to give my life to God and partake in water baptism. The days after that were never as I imagined. I went through life years after that day never fully understanding what it meant to have a REAL relationship with Christ. I was taught that my relationship was dependent on my actions, my clothes, and my obedience to a pastor. I believed that every consequence would lead me closer to a place in hell. So my relationship with Christ was created through spiritual abuse and bondage.

I grew to realize that our life is a constant ebb and flow of one word-faith. And the day you give God your yes, there is a price to pay. The enemy puts a bounty on your head to kill, steal and destroy everything you’re connected to. The TURN UP is super real when you give your yes. I was in my 30s when I completely walked away from an organization that had me bound in my beliefs and when I connected with leaders who taught me the true, living Word of God. I learned the real essence of my God, His true character, and I begin to learn and understand what it meant to be a child of the Most High. The bible tells us that “God SO loved the world that He GAVE his only son and that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Reading that verse over and over one day had me in tears, realizing that God loved me so much to not allow me to perish. That one verse was so powerful as it begin to strip the bondage of guilt, shame, and pain off of me. Realize this-the areas of hurt, pain, disappointments, etc. lead us closer to Christ. Yes, the pain points are necessary to help us grow stronger in Him. Recently, I said yes and all hell broke loose in my world! I felt alone, disappointed, broken, used…I can go on and on about the emotions but I recently read a book that lifted me to another level of freedom. For in Christ there is freedom, there is liberty.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…”

John 3:16 (KJV)

Have you ever looked at a quilt and how intricately each piece of string is woven? We often say that God makes no mistakes. I know I’ve said it but did not believe it. I would ask Him why. I would question how could this happen to me. I would turn away angry with no real understanding of circumstances and situations. Do you truly believe with your whole heart that God makes no mistakes? When it comes to our lives like that quilt is so intricately woven, stitch by stitch, with no hair out of place, God knitted our lives. Let that sink in. He tells us in Jeremiah 1:5, “Before I formed you in your mother’s body I chose you. Before you were born I set you apart to serve me.”(NIRV version, Bible App). Please read that again. I know, it’s mind blowing. God knew the hurt, pain, isolation, the courage, the strength, the relationships, the moving from one place to another. He knew all of that because He is God! The bible tells us that our steps are ordered by God. So remember, you’ll have to walk through the valley to get to the mountain but God is there. He said He’ll never leave us nor forsake us.

“Before I formed you in your mother’s body I chose you.”

Jeremiah 1:5 (NIRV)

In going through this recent trial time, God reminded me that the journey will free someone else. Y’all I’ve seen a lot. I’ve experienced a lot. I never thought I would be the person to go through some things but He knew. It’s all apart of the journey God knitted for us. I read this book called Knit byAntoinette Stewart and it reminded me that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made by God and He made no mistake in creating me. Everything I shared here was confirmed in this book. While reading it, I found another level of freedom and understanding and trusting that we were created by God’s design for His glory and purpose.

If there is a book that I would say read during this season of rest, it would be Knit. Not only will you walk away with a new perception of God, you’ll appreciate the journey. You’ll understand the pain, the purpose, and position of your life. You will walk away FREE-mentally and spiritually.

The link is below and I’m happy to share that Pastor Stewart is starting a class on May 1st. You don’t want to miss it. Join in to engage in book talks about how God knitted us, how He formed us, and how He shapes our destiny through His everlasting love! Order your copy today and get ready for the class in May!

Purchase a copy of your book here, Knit by Antoinette Stewart

Find out more information about this class and other projects from Antoinette Stewart at https://antoinettestewartministries.org/ .

100 Positive Actions for the Busy Woman

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I’m so in awe of God during this fourth quarter of the year.  Over the past three months, I’ve been stretched beyond my limits.  Some days were great and productive.  Other days were foggy where absolutely nothing was completed.  In September, I decided that I was tired of being robbed of my joy, my ideas, and my confidence.  I took a GIGANTIC leap of faith.  So here we are in October, hitting the RESET button, basking in God’s faithfulness and favor while I work on my goals to bring the vision to fruition.

The bible reminds me that God did not give me the spirit of fear but He gave me power! I decided that I’m BETTING on ME going forward and I’m sharing 100 (yes, 100) positive actions for the busy woman like you and me.  From songs to self-care to scriptures, this list is filled with actions to keep your mind, body, and soul moving in a positive direction.

I’m betting on me going forward!

Dive in with me and be sure to work on the challenge at the end! Share with your friends on social media and use the hashtag #onefaithjourney.  Be sure to tag me @iamTamikaL

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10 Inspiration Songs to Keep You Motivated

When the days seem long or I find myself stuck, I find solace and victory in these tunes:

  1. Imagine by Jon Lennon
  2. Don’t Stop Believing by Journey
  3. Just Fine by Mary J. Blige
  4. On the Ocean by K’ Jon
  5. See You Again by Anthony Evans
  6. Reckless Love by Corey Asbury
  7. Awesome by Pastor Charles Jenkins
  8. Jesus the Same by Israel Houghton
  9. Better by Hezekiah Walker
  10. Do It Again by Elevation Worship

10 Ways to Recharge When Your Energy Feels Low

There is nothing like a good opportunity to recharge.  Give one of these tips a try if you find your energy a little low:

  1. Take a warm bath in the dark and just relax.  Add lavendar or burn a lavendar candle to calm the atmosphere.
  2. Change your scenery.  If you’re at work, go outside for a minute. If you’re home, take a drive to a local spot like Converspace.
  3. Rest your body.  Find a cozy spot to just lay for at least 30 minutes to give your body a good boost.
  4. Exercise by taking a walk, going to the gym or doing some at-home regimes.
  5. Start a gratitude journal and write a gratitude list.  #1 on my list is I’m grateful for every person reading this post!
  6. Have you been on an overnight getaway yet? You have to try it.  I love packing an overnight bag, visiting Greenville, SC, Helen, GA or Charleston, SC.
  7. Take a hike in a local park.  Getting close to nature is such a great way to boost your energy.
  8. Eat some chocolate.  I know, I know.  If not chocolate, splurge on some good food.
  9. Celebrate yourself!  Check out this past post, Celebration Time 4 You! where I highlight ways to celebrate YOU!
  10. Unplug and do something like read a book.  Check out the next section for a list of good books to read!

10 Good Books to Dive In to Inspire You! 

  1. Gracelaced by Ruth Chou Simmons
  2. Get Up by Beth Ruffin
  3. Awaken by Priscilla Schirer
  4. The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst
  5. Impress Yourself by Candace Thompson
  6. Go High by M. Sweeney
  7. The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz
  8. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown
  9. The Busy Woman’s Guide to Faith by Tamika S. Washington (yep, this is the official announcement…details for pre-sale coming soon!)
  10. The Bible (I like the Message version)
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10 Self-Care Tips to Put You First!

  1. Carve out a set number of hours or days each month for you.
  2. Know your stress triggers so that you can identify what causes those aches.
  3. Set boundaries so that people don’t have access to you all the time.
  4. Create a safe space.  (I need to clean mine)
  5. Journal, journal, journal.  It doesn’t have to be perfect. It can be a list or scribbled notes.
  6. Practice daily affirmations to affirm the positivity in your life.
  7. Seek counsel when you need to talk with someone other than friends and family.
  8. Do something that makes you happy.
  9. Learn the power of saying NO.  I’ve blogged about this one several times.  Here is one of my favorite blog posts on the Power of No.
  10. It’s ok to do NOTHING.

10 Things to DECLUTTER Your Life!

It’s the last quarter and this is the perfect time to get rid of STUFF.  Here are some places to get started:

  1. Social media. Yes, I said social media.  Clean up your friends & following list. Remove yourself from groups that don’t serve ANY purpose in your life. Unfollow people who saturate your timeline with garbage.
  2. Clothing.  What is taking up space?What still has tags and has been never worn (there is a difference). Make a goodwill pile and if you want to earn some cash, make a selling pile.
  3. Book Shelf. I try to keep all my books but it’s time to donate and giveaway.  If you have Children’s books in excellent condition, consider donating them to a local school or family shelter.
  4. Email Subscription.  As much as I love blogs, I can’t follow all 30 of them. However, I do have a list of 10 in the next session that you should follow. It’s time to declutter our email subscription lists and only subscribe to things we enjoy.
  5. Speaking of Email, how about the email box.  Can I get an amen on this one? We know good and well that email from Amazon five years ago can be deleted and trash emptied.
  6. The Junk Drawer in the Kitchen.  Everyone household has one.  Fall is the perfect time to clean it out.  You might find that $30 that went missing earlier this year. Recycle batteries, empty bottles with liquid, and be careful with old ink pens.
  7. Your Desktop.  I have seen some AWFUL desktops.  It’s time to remove some files and put them on a flash drive if they are still valuable or try a free cloud service like Google.
  8. Bathrooms.  So embarrasing for me.  I hold on to make up, toiletries, etc.  I know they have expiration dates.  Let’s talk about the towels too.  Tsk Tsk Tsk.  This is first on my list.
  9. Home Office.  Do you still have papers from 5 years ago? What about mail stacked in a pile? I do.  Less is more so it’s time to go through the office and get rid of old paper work (I recommend shredding), old business books, and anything on the desk that is over 5 years old.
  10. Toy Box.  I haven’t collected a lot of old toys for Faith BUT I’ve seen some children’s toy boxes that needed a good cleaning and donating.  Less is more.  Organize the toys and get rid of what’s old and not being used.

10 REAL Blogs & Podcast to Follow for Inspiration

  1. One Faith Journey of course! Be sure to subscribe to stay up-to-date on my faith journey & be inspired along the way.
  2. Divas with a Purpose.  I just read a post that got my life all the way together.  Check it out!
  3. Pam Dorsey, the Purpose Life Pusher.  She is going to PUSH you whether you like it or not.
  4. Sugar & Money, a great way to get your finances in order step by step while enjoying the sweet life.
  5. Chrystal Evans Hurst, I love her books, podcast and live sessions to connect her audience to God’s love.
  6. Ruth Soukup, host of  Do It Scared Podcast and helping women create a life they love.
  7. Business Boutique host Christy Wright gives you the business coupled with faith to grow your business.
  8. Progress on Purpose host Mechele Hardy gives you back to back guests filled with lessons and strategies for reaching your purpose.
  9. Goal Digger with host Jenna Kutcher gives you real, practical strategies for business.
  10. Amy Carroll, writer & blogger gives you intimate moments on her spiritual journey.  I love that she just keeps it real! Speaking of spiritual, check out my list of scriptures to keep me going.

10 Scriptures to Keep Me Going through Tough Times

When life throws you lemons they say make lemonade.  Well for me, I run to the Word of God, of course after all the tears, pouts, and screaming moments.  After all, that’s what Jesus would do.  He reminded us that ‘man cannot live by bread alone’. So no lemonade for me; I find safety, comfort and peace in these Scriptures:

  1. Deuteronomy 31:6-Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the Lord your God is the one who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.
  2. Isaiah 41:10-So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
  3. I Peter 5:6-7-Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you,  casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.
  4. Romans 8:28-And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.
  5. Proverbs 3:5-6-Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.
  6. Philippians 4:6-7-Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
  7. Philippians 4:13- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  8. 2 Chronicles 15:7 But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.
  9. Isaiah 40:28-Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the creator of the ends of the earth.
white ceramic mug
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10 New Activities to Try this Holiday Season

  1. Create a new family tradition.  If the family is use to exchanging gifts may be this year, the family could adopt a family.
  2. Save money instead of buying lots of presents.  We’ve become so accustomed to giving and receiving so think of how much money you could save.
  3. Deep clean your house.  I know its cozy and you just want to relax this holiday season but its a great time to usher in 2020 with a clean environment.
  4. Attend a church production in your community.  Many churches have holiday productions, making it a nice family outing and way to connect with new friends.
  5. Give a new recipe a try.  The holidays is a great time to break out the pots and pans for a nice baking dish or entree for the family dinner.  I’ve seen some delicious recipes on First and Full, food & family blog.
  6. Holiday lights in neighborhoods.  Christmas is my favorite time of year.  I love the holiday lights on the river but its become such a staple event in Columbia that its no longer fun for me (long lines, same lights, etc). Instead, I pick an evening to drive through a few neighborhoods in my area to look at lights.  Saves me gas from the hike across town and a few extra bucks.
  7. Make a holiday wreath as a family.  I know you’re probably saying you’re not that crafty but how cool would it be for you and the family to gather up some supplies  (dollar tree and michaels w/ coupons) to head for the kitchen table to make your own wreath.
  8. Hot Chocolate Buffet is something I want to try this year.  I plan to invite a few friends over and break out the holiday mugs.  You can add this to any holiday event with friends or family.  All you need is peppermint sticks, marshmallows, red holiday sprinkles, mugs (Dollar Tree), chocolate chips and anything else you can think of that will make spruce up a good ole cup of hot chocolate.
  9.  Volunteer this season.  There are many opportunities around the city, no matter where you are located, to engage in volunteer opportunities.  Whether you serve food, deliver toys at the hospital or collect toys for families in need, make service a part of your holidays.
  10. Movie day in pajamas.  Sometimes I like to tuck away in my bed away from the family; however, this year we’re all getting our PJs, picking our top three movies and crashing in the living room with our favorite snacks to have a movie day.

My TOP Ten Productivity Tools for 2019

  1. Notebook(s)- Honestly, I have too many so I’m looking to condense my notebooks down to a 3 subject notebook for each area of my life-home, personal, business. I’ve already purchased the notebook and will be working to get condensed….soon.
  2. Journal- This is different from my notebook and I have too many of these as well.  I’m shopping for the one journal that SPEAKs to me, one that I can carry around in my purse so that when ideas come on the fly, I have space to write them down.
  3. Honeybook- So this one is new for me since I own a physical business location but when these speaking engagements start rolling in, I need my contracts, proposals and speaking sheets to be automated and professional.  Honey Book is my productivity jam, helping me to communicate with our clients and book our space more efficiently.  If you are in the service industry, check it out.  Enjoy 20% off using this link to sign up with Honey Book. (I will get a kickback just so you know). PS..I also help business owners get everything connected so email me at hello@theconverspace.com if you’re interested in using the service but don’t want to set up it.  I got you!!!
  4. Google Calendar app- Babyyyyy! If I can’t connect it to my Google calendar, I am not investing in it.  Having all my calendars synced keeps me on task, helps me plan out my days and gives me an opportunity to see what’s ahead in order to set goals for my business and personal brand.
  5. Libby- I have to be honest, I love books but don’t get to sit down to full read them. So I learned about this app called Libby that’s connected to my local library so that I can check out books, including audio books.  I have a list of books on my list to finish listening to by the end of the year.  Chaching! Right now I’m currently reading The Memo by Minda Hart. Next on my list of Brittany Hennessey’s Influencer and Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.
  6. Zoom- I know you think how does that make you productive.  For virtual meetings on the go, I’ve downloaded the app.  There are times where I simply can’t meet with someone face-to-face so it fits my busy lifestyle.
  7. Later- Confession: I’m not a huge fan of social media these days so in moments where I can’t manage it all, I like to use the Later app to schedule posts and format my post.  I have to admit, that I’ve been a little quiet lately but its because my brain needs a little break.
  8. Post Its- For me, they work.  I jot notes, goals, tasks and stick them on my physical calendar or on my tasks list for the day as a way to help track progress.
  9. Google Drive helps with automation, data collection, and note taking in meetings.  Now I need to get my drive organized before 2020.  #goals
  10. Trello- super cool tool to help me categorize and organize my content for Converspace and my personal brand.

Here is your challenge: Create your own 10 List of Something Spectacular and share in the comments.

10 Lists of Spectacular Things You Can Share

  1. DIY Projects
  2. Favorite Memories
  3. Holiday Music
  4. Family Traditions
  5. Places to Visit
  6. Bucket List Items
  7. Challenges You’ve Overcome
  8. Tips for Sparking Creativity
  9. Favorite Movies
  10. New Hobbies to Try

You made it through the list.  I hope the busy woman in you is inspired to share your Top Ten List with Your Audience.  Tag me on social media with your list @iamTamikaL.  I’d love to try some thing new all because of you!

Tamika L.

I’m Rewriting My 2020 Letter

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2020 is literally right around the corner.  Whether you win the game or not is dependent on how well you score during this quarter.  Last year, I was asked to write a 2020 letter to myself, detailing where I wanted to see myself in the year 2020.  I just read the letter and let me tell, none of it happened.  NOT. ONE. SINGLE. WORD. To be honest, at first I was disappointed.  I wrote about blogging full-time and having brunches and starting a nonprofit called 100 Pearls for first generation college girls. Again. NONE. OF.IT. HAPPENED.  What happened instead? Life.  Sometimes we layout these great plans and life throws us a little curve ball.  Unexpectedly, our plans are pushed to the side to focus on something else.  OR unexpectedly, our plans are pushed to the side because we become distracted.  In the moment of disappointment, I asked what have you done this year Tamika that was successful.

Allow me to reintroduce myself to you.

I am Tamika L. Shuler Washington, wife, mom, blogger, podcast host, educator and owner of Converspace.  I am passionate about helping women and children love their purpose, live out their kingdom assignment and learn daily through personal and professional development.  I have spent this last year defining my place in the market, learning about the business-side of life, and juggling work-life-balance (which you know that does not exist).  Learning the business side of life definitely has brought me lots of joy, pain, and everything in between.  I’ve learned that I can only depend on God.  My faith was tested many times and each time it brought me back to a place of totally surrendering myself to Christ.  Being in this place simply reminds of why I named my blog, One Faith Journey.

The business side of life has connected me with some awesome people, especially women who understand the struggles and triumphs of getting a business started.  Aside from business, I had to find myself and redefine myself.  Can I be honest? There were times I didn’t have the confidence in my own abilities to complete a task.  That lack of confidence coupled with being new in the marketplace led me to a sunken place of feeling alone.  Did I mention the balance tried to take me out.  Listen, try going from being a wife, a new mom, new blogger, and starting a business while still working a full-time job.  I don’t know what I was thinking but I knew it was right and I still believe it was the right move.  But…business gets lonely y’all and while everyone is screaming about finding your tribe, it took me many, many months to get here. Its hard to decipher who is who and who is real.  Social media makes everything look great but reality is, its not.  I had to disconnect, reconnect, and connect many times before I found the right jam.  Along the way, I lost sight of God.  I did exactly what the bible tells us not to do-lean on our own understanding.  Because of my ways, I lost time, money, peace and trust.  I lost sight of my why.  BUT GOD! He is so mindful of His children because He loves us. Have you ever been so deep into something that you don’t hear your mom calling you? After you hear that scream-call when they call out your entire name, you snap out of it.

Tamika. Tamika Shuler Washington. TAMIKA LAVETTE SHULER WASHINGTON! Yes, Lord.  I’m sorry. I hear you. I surrender. That’s what the last 3 months of my journey has looked like.  Yes, Lord. I hear you. I’ll follow your lead. I’ll trust you.  Thank you Jesus.

If I had to rewrite the letter over for 2020, here is what I would say:

Dear 2020,

I am excited that you are a few months away.  I’m expecting great things after all the warring I’ve been through.  My vision for 2020 is wrapped around three words: pray, plan, and pursue.  God showed me a vision of what life would be like when I accepted His call.  After several years of running, a few months ago, I decided to stop and obey.  Now that the book and planner are complete, I plan to PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING, PLAN ACCORDING TO GOD’S WORD, AND PURSUE MY GREATNESS WITH BOLDNESS! 2020, I’m ready to receive all that you have in store for me no matter how difficult the road was and may seem, in 2020 I’m expecting great things in my family’s life and my life.  What does that look like: speaking, connecting, traveling, and writing.  The August project launch date will be set in stone and Converspace will be sustaining itself as a venue.  Congratulations, you’ve stepped into another lane with technology.  Girl, you are helping people pursue their purpose, love their kingdom assignment, and learn daily personally and professionally.

As I rewrite this 2020 letter, I have to highlight my accomplishments.  First, I opened up a venue, which started as a coworking space and now has quickly become the affordable, accessible space to host, gather and grow your business. or organization.  Second, I’ve made a great name for myself in the business community as someone who is genuine and sincerely wants to see people become successful.  Third, I’ve connected with some amazing womenpreneurs and they’ve supported many of my events, many initiatives like the Business Shower, and much more.  Finally, I’ve reconnected with God like never before.  Through this reconnection, I’ve become a better communicator at home.  I’ve learned to have more patience with myself. I’ve learned to say no (again). I’ve learned to trust in God through all circumstances.

I want to challenge you to write yourself a 2020 letter. Start out by confessing some weak areas. Share your struggles. Share your accomplisments.  Where do you see yourself? How will you incorporate prayer before you plan and pursue? Prayer is our weapon against the enemy and it keeps us connected with God. So my dear friends, if you have not already, write the 2020 vision letter and make it plain.

How can I pray with you this week? Feel free to email me or leave a comment.

Remember, no matter where you are in the hustle of life, you must have faith!

Tamika S. W.

Faith, Life & More: Episode 8

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Welcome to “All about Faith” Episode 8.

It’s the season finale!!! Who is excited? We are.  What a great journey of podcasting this has been and we are pleased to end the season with a BANG!  In episode 8, we chat with Kendra Garcia, Life & Business Strategist of Dream Life Coaching.  She shares some strategies, faith moves, and much more in this episode to help us wind up the fourth quarter.

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Remember ladies, prioritize what you need to do, want to do, and can do. It’s a faith journey y’all!

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