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Why One Faith Journey: Episode 2

It all stared somewhere-with my faith. Listen as I discuss why I started this blogging and podcast journey and for the summer topics and podcast guests.

Disaster: Seek Shelter

How many times do you put an outfit together and when you put it on, it is a total disaster? This is a weekly adventure for me.  My mind visualizes one thing and my body screams, “No ma’am!” As I rip open drawers, clothes fly chaotically throughout my room.  I look at the clock and it…

What’s BIG in God’s Eyes?

Some time ago in my walk, I kept saying to God, I want to do more, Lord this is not enough.  And God being who He is, would give me tasks all the time.  Not once did I notice the task simply because I was looking for something BIG to do.  I was looking for…