Disaster: Seek Shelter

pexels-photo-932402.jpegHow many times do you put an outfit together and when you put it on, it is a total disaster? This is a weekly adventure for me.  My mind visualizes one thing and my body screams, “No ma’am!” As I rip open drawers, clothes fly chaotically throughout my room.  I look at the clock and it says leave now or you’ll be late.  I ignore it in search of the perfect outfit.  After several changes and mean looks in the mirror, I often settle for something.  I rush out the house like a madwoman.  Those are the days that my wardrobe defines my day.  Rushed. Frantic. Discombobulated. Chaotic. I approach my day with uneasy feelings of how will other see me or questions about my outfit, seeking approval from others. And then somehow, God sends me an instant message that says “why are you worried about your outward appearance? Why have you let this define your day?”  Matthew 6:25 reminds us to not be anxious about life nor about what we will eat or drink.  So why do I find myself panicking over my appearance?  Furthermore, Gods word reminds us that He is not like man, looking on the outward but on the inward, our hearts.  When my days are rushed, frantic, and chaotic because of my wardrobe, it is often the days that I forget to hold God’s word near and dear to my heart, first thing in the morning. Instead of focusing on my outward appearance and allowing my wardrobe disasters to ruin my day, I know I need to tune into God so that he can direct and guide me along the way.  Have you had days like this?  If so, it is ok.  God is just to forgive and guide us closer to Him, if we will only let Him.

Psalm 37:4 says “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” So spend more delighting in God and not things of this world and He will give you blessings and more blessings.

How do you overcome “disaster days”? Leave reply & inspire others!

Remember, it’s a faith journey y’all!

Tamika W.


What’s BIG in God’s Eyes?

pexels-photo-207962.jpegSome time ago in my walk, I kept saying to God, I want to do more, Lord this is not enough.  And God being who He is, would give me tasks all the time.  Not once did I notice the task simply because I was looking for something BIG to do.  I was looking for something that I thought would give me a BIG check mark in God’s book.  However, I failed to realize that God is not looking for us to showcase our love on a shelf like a trophy; our love should be real, even if no one is looking or even if no one knows.

As I write this I think about how Jesus felt about people praying in the temple so that others could see it.  In Matthew he said “and when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray in the synagogues and on the streets in order to be seen by others.”  As followers of Christ, we should avoid this at all cost because the reward of men is nothing compared to the glory God gets when we serve with a sincere heart.

When God lays something on our hearts or prompts us to do something, we should not seek the approval and reward of man.  Caution.  This causes lots of trouble.  Why? Simply put…it takes the focus off the service and puts the attention on the person.  And who is left out the picture? Jesus.  I learned a huge lesson from this-God’s glory and honor belongs to Him.  When we obey Him, live for Him, and draw others close to Him through our love and actions, He is GLORIFIED!

Father God, we honor You and love You for Your Word and life lessons.  In all we do, help us to be wise in our service to others so that You can be glorified.  Help us to put You first always as You order our steps each day. In Jesus Name! 

Remember, it’s a faith journey, y’all.  No matter where you are in the hustle of life, you gotta have faith!

No one Said It Would Be Easy…And It’s Not!

pexels-photo-89695.jpegIt took me a while to get here….this blogging thing that is. As I sit, well stand with one eye penning this and the other on my daughter, I have to say how thankful I am to God for such a beautiful blessing He has bestowed upon me and my husband. Everything I thought about parenting including all the judgement of other moms I completely throw away and ask for forgiveness for thinking how ‘is this so hard as they say’! It is hard, tiring, overwhelming, full of tears and sleepless nights. But when I see Faith’s bright eyes staring back at me or hear her cooing in her sleep like she is doing now, I realize that this second job I was given is worth it. I would be telling the untruth if I said I don’t miss my get-up-and-go days, which now consists of get-up-and-pack-her- extra clothes, car seats, breast pump (ANOTHER STORY), milk, and yes, the baby. No one said this would be easy. Not one single person in my life said it would be easy. I have yet to find what works for me as I am still learning this little girl. I’ve learned her ‘feed me now’ cries and ‘I’m sleepy’ cries but as she gets use to this new world and learn to make waves each day, so will daddy and I continue learning with her….and for the record, I’m not rushing this learning process. Sometimes I feel like parenting in today’s society is such a huge race and competition. There is always this chat among moms “oh my child did this at that age’ or ‘your baby’s not doing that yet’. As for me, I’m going to keep crying while still enjoying the moments. No one said it would be easy. And my tears are tears of “Lord am I doing this right?” “Am I nurturing her like you would have me to?”

You know God is so funny. I know He is laughing at me like, Tamika, didn’t I tell you to do what I said do. I had to learn to tune everyone out. Advice from people can be overwhelming and I’m not able to hide me feelings off my face. I will tell you what I have learned is that every baby is different so no matter what this woman’s baby did or is doing, your experience will be different. I’ve learned that I have to continue to listen to God and trust Him in everything, and I mean everything. He laughs at me and wipes those tears from my eyes. This parenting process is a wonderful experience. I just keep reminding myself that I’m not expected to be the perfect mom and this road of parenting is not easy. At the same token I’m also reminded that all the tools I need God will give to me. And every day He continues to supply all the tools I need to be successful. Now I’m just trying to figure out how to balance it all…but that’s another day of writing. When you seem like every day is a rush of parenting, working, wife-ing, balancing (or unbalancing), friending, caring, and everything else you do, you may sometimes begin to to feel overwhelmed, tired, and restless. Remember, to cast your cares on Him (I Peter 5:7).  Your tears, your fears, your doubts, your anger, your restless and weary days too for the bible says He cares for you and when you care for someone, you do your best to take care of them. That’s the awesome God we serve! He doesn’t want us to compete with each other. He doesn’t want us to think we can do it all by ourselves. He wants us to depend on Him. Totally. With our wholeheart. Trust me, its worth to give it all to Him!

Be inspired & remember its a faith journey y’all!

Tamika W.