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I am Free

I went years in life never truly understanding God’s love. The older I became, the more I learned about His love for me. I’m sharing this and a book that elevated my freedom in God.

100 Positive Actions for the Busy Woman

As busy women, it’s important for us to stay active and positive. When I created this list, I created it with you in mind and it includes some of my favorite things to do as well some things I will be trying myself, like the Hot Chocolate Bar. Come on SC, send some cold weather my way!

Goals for the Gold

Today I was thinking about my goal-setting habits and realized that I need to refine this habit to be more productive and efficient for my short and long-term goals.  As I was thinking about goal-setting (or my lack thereof lately), I thought about the Olympics.  As much as I love sports, I’m not a fan…

5 Steps to Finding Your Why

I love this topic of finding our ‘why’ or our purpose!  Why? Because everyone has a purpose.  It has been destined before the beginning of time.  We all have a reason that is often bigger than what we think or believe about ourselves. If you’re feeling a little stuck in figuring out the purpose of…