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I’ve learned it was never about living a balanced life.  I was crazy to think that anyone, including me, could do such a thing.  I hear people preach WORK-LIFE-BALANCE.  However, when you think about that phrase it means that you have to give equal time and value to all things on your list.  Listen, I’ve learned it’s about priorities. In this this life, I’m learning how to do just that-prioritize my life.  I’ve been afraid.  I’ve been vulnerable.  I’ve been insufficiently out of funds, emotions, and everything else you can name.  I’ve named it and claimed it…and it never happened.  I’ve been told bad news by doctors and God showed me just the opposite.  Marriage is exciting like the first date but can be difficult like the first argument.  Navigating the journey of motherhood, wifey, friend, church leader, educator and team player brought me here.  What about you?  Where are you in your faith?  A place where I’m having to renew, restore, and rejuvenate my faith daily.  And y’all guess what?  I’ve learned every day ain’t pretty.  (I’m southern ok) My faith has been shaken. Light. Difficult. High. Deep. Wide. Diminished. Weary. Lost.  I’m sure you can relate.

Who Is Tamika Shuler Washington?  I’m a lover of everything about Jesus, even the unimaginable. He  On December 17, 2016, I married my sweetie pie and shortly after that we were expecting our first little miracle, Faith Bellamy.  I’ve been in education for 13 years now and I work with teachers as an Instructional Coach.  What the heck is that? I collaborate with teachers on SO many things like assessments, curriculum, student interests and so much more.  I love to try new things-fitness routines/workouts, fashion, hairstyles (just cut my hair too).  If it looks interesting, I’ll try it.

How did you start writing?  Well, I started my writing journey back in 2006 with a self-published book called The Satisfying Lie.  (Actually, long before that in high school with these books I use to write and read to my cousins.) I wrote the book in 4 months.  Published it three times.  Sold 40 copies.  I didn’t know anything about marketing or publishing but as my friend/author T. L. Sanders always tells me “at least you can say you wrote a book.”  Poetry was a big part of my writing back then as well.  I wanted to be a spoken-word artist.  I remember so many of the poems I wrote but I can’t find any of them.  I can’t recreate them from my memory.  Nothing.  I look at my writing craft as a gift.  I use it in so many ways- editing, revising papers for people, creating documents, all sorts of whatnots.

While the journey started many, many years ago, I’m glad God pushed me to start writing again.  And this time it is to inspire, encourage, uplift and testify to the #busywoman, #busywife, #busybosslady #busyteacher #busyleader #busygirl in you.  Will you join me on the faith journey?  I hope so. Always remember this: No matter where you are in the hustle of life, you must have faith!PS. While you’re here, check out my the blog posts and podcasts for some inspiration on your faith journey.

Tamika W.


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